Languages International - Interpreting Services
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It is possible to interpret without observing, but not to observe without interpreting!

Languages International provides interpreting services to clients requiring assistance with the spoken language. Here are some examples of how this valuable service can benefit you:

Corporations benefit from interpreting services in a variety of settings. Management staff secures interpreting services to assist with monthly and quarterly employee staff meetings.

Corporations rely on our interpreting services to assist with external communication with foreign customers, vendors, subsidiary representatives, distributors, etc. that visit for sales meetings, facility and/or plant tours, and ongoing project development collaboration.

Human resource departments rely on interpreters to assist with safety training, employee indoctrination, and presentations on employee benefits programs (401K; medical, dental, and life insurance policies). Many of our customers have benefited from this service in presenting vital information to their non-English speaking employees

Languages International, Inc. provides medical interpreting services to hospital systems and their respective physicians’ offices.

Languages International, Inc. provides legal interpreting services to courts (local, state, and federal levels) and to attorney offices for examinations under oath and depositions. We maintain the highest level of confidentiality for all of our clients.

Our interpreters are highly skilled bilingual professionals from diverse fields which allow us to secure an interpreter that is best suited for the needs of each of our clients.

To schedule your request for interpreting services, please contact our Language Coordinator at (616) 285-0005 or email us.

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