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Website Translation and Localization Services


Languages International Inc. provides comprehensive website translation services (also known as “website globalization”) for companies who want to publish their website in any language. Whether your site is simple or complex, we will work closely with your authoring, design and development teams to produce however many language versions you require. Languages International Inc. will also work to ensure that your website functions correctly for any market in the world.

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How do we translate your website?

Languages International Inc. has extensive experience utilizing global best practices for the design, development and deployment of multilingual websites. Whether you use conventional web publishing tools and workflows or have the latest web content management system, we will work with you to ensure that the language versions of your website are produced in a cost-effective, time-efficient and culturally-correct manner.

Website globalization services include:

  • Localization of all user interface, graphics, multimedia and documentation components
  • Comprehensive and customizable quality control processes
  • Utilization of Translation Memory technologies for consistency and cost savings
  • Client review and approval opportunities at key stages in the process

Who does the work?

We have website globalization teams who are professionals skilled in a multitude of web technologies and tools. Based on your languages, a subject matter and Web platform/architecture requirement, a team is selected to handle your account.

What other translation projects has we completed?

Our professionals have extensive experience in completing successful globalization projects. Ranging from the translation of catalogs and user manuals, to the localization of complex e-Learning software and high profile, global websites, our experience guarantees your success.

Our clients include: Click Here

How much will it cost and how long will it take?

Your information will be carefully reviewed, and you will be provided a comprehensive quotation packet including all tasks, teams and timelines. Project timelines are client-driven and we will establish your translation team and project schedule based on your needs.

Website translation costs and schedules are based on:

  1. Number of words
  2. Source and target languages
  3. Subject matter
  4. Requirements for linked documents.
  5. Online Quality Assurance and Testing requirements
  6. Client review and approval requirements


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